The NAAVA Foundation "NAAVA" The National Alliance Against Violence in America was born out of the passion and desire of one man to fight the war against the violence of any and all kinds. Founder, Theodore T Life Jr is better known as T Life, a legendary music producer started NAAVA right after his son's murder in 1993 at the age of 19 through gun violence. After this horrible event, T knew he had to do something to contribute to the cause. NAAVA continues to help victims of all forms of violence, hunger, homelessness, illness, and more by fundraising and providing resources. NAAVA not only helps victims of violence but also those who have fallen victim to disease and poverty by providing food through its food banks and donations for medical expenses and even funeral expenses when needed. An example of NAAVA’s help would be the time when they raised money for a young man who was suffering from a rare disease and had depleted all of his savings paying medical expenses. Through NAAVA’s fundraising event they were able to give him and his family the money they needed to take care of additional medical expenses until his death. NAAVA will continue to help those who are victims of all kinds.

We believe that all people deserve help. Let's work together to help stop violence of all kinds and poverty.

Our Mission

 NAAVA has been helping victims of all forms of violence for over 20 years. NAAVA not only helps victims of violence but also those who have fallen victim to disease, hunger, and homelessness. NAAVA's help includes education, job training, food banks, and donations for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and more.  NAAVA will continue to help these victims through its charitable donations.

Young People at a Workshop

Our Vision

We at NAAVA believe that education is the key to stopping poverty including illness. Through education, our children will find their purpose in life and beat the odds of poverty. 

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